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Sunset Resort Apartments  or (SRA) for short.


SRA is a legally registered Bulgarian company (not for profit Owners Association).


The company was born out of necessity to have an effective local Bulgarian representation for owners that wish to attain back their full property ownership rights which is currently being denied.


By joining the SRA through its website and becoming a member, the SRA will be able to represent you in all manner of communications with different Bulgarian institutions and companies working towards reinstating your rights which should also help to increase your apartments desirability and hence capital value.


The SRA are actively seeking a solution to the utility issue (the supply of water and electricity) as owners are being denied direct access to the utilities companies and therefore have no safeguards in place, no security of supply or regulated pricing.


All apartment owners in Sunset Resort can become members.


Each owner will receive membership card that will help to provide future benefits


The yearly membership is only 5 Euros set because of a basic legal requirement.


Further news will be shortly available.